Ease of use

with self-developed software


With our enthusiastic team of specialised developers, we have developed several user-friendly and innovative software applications to help you work as efficiently as possible.


CloudCad is the advanced and user-friendly CadCam software for drawing in.

Our team of developers created CloudCad to combine the complexity of modelling with our production systems. This allows you to keep control of the CadCam process via the workflow you are used to.

CloudCad is a plugin for Rhino3D and has a modular design, so you can adjust the software exactly to your needs.

  • Use our extensive library of standard elements or use your own library.
  • Has a link to lab.PLHW so you can work more efficiently.
  • You work locally with the speed of your system but with the flexibility of online updates.



lab.PLHW is our production software. In this environment you can keep a file of the customer. This can be done with the NAW data or anonymously.

Depending on the product, you go through a number of steps to put together an order quickly and easily. Once you are satisfied, place the order. We check all the details and if everything is in order we will start working for you.

  • You can fully monitor the status of your outsourced production.
  • Integrated with our 2D and/or 3D hardware.
  • Integrated with our CloudCad for modelling orthotics yourself.
  • Links to podonet.nl and podozorg.nl, among others



my.PLHW is the latest development from PLHW. This software gives you your own webshop for offering Sandalinos® sandals. You determine your own collection, which models you will and which you will not offer. Let your customers put together their own sandals online, place their orders and, if desired, pay for them directly with you.

my.PLHW is a subscribed webshop function that gives the practitioner access to a wider collection. Users of the webshop feature enjoy a 3% discount on all sandals.

You can refer customers to this environment so that they can put together their own sandals and place their own orders. Orders will automatically appear in the overview of purchases in lab.PLHW.


Simply create your own web shop and offer products at your own prices. Consumers will see our products in your shop!

You have control over which products you offer at which price via a simple interface.

Orders come into lab.PLHW automatically. You check and approve before we start production for you.