combined with state-of-the-art techniques


In the production of PLHW, the wishes of the customer are central. We all make the same product and yet everyone's wishes are different. Small nuances give the product its own identity, which best suits the customer's vision.

Customer-specific working protocols guarantee the quality of our production in our production labs. PLHW has 2 labs for the production of your products. In our lab, we work according to the latest standards of the ISO Standard 13485 Medical Devices Quality Management System and EN ISO 20345:2011 (CE EN-345).

In case of special wishes for model development, PLHW accompanies the client during the entire process from visualisation to realisation of the product. This can vary from developing own elements in CloudCad to complete insole concepts from prefab to consumables.

Here PLHW has already successfully guided and advised several concepts. We take away the many obstacles for the customer and make the concept clear and simple.


PLHW has an extensive range of materials for the production of orthotics and insoles, sandals and supplements. By cleverly using different material combinations in the milling blocks, the customer can keep the external elements and pads to a minimum.

For our materials, we have had stable partners at home and abroad for many years. We always actively seek the best quality for our customers. All the materials we use meet the requirements for biocompatibility.

Not only milling materials.

  • 50 different milling blocks
  • 75 different covering materials
  • 100 different semi-finished products
  • and many sheet materials.


Outsourcing or self-producing, look at more than just material costs. The point at which it is cheaper to outsource than to produce yourself is reached sooner than you might think.

At PLHW you have the option of having us take care of your production or of producing your own using our software.

By making clever use of a podolab, you can have your products manufactured at a favourable rate with minimum effort. As soon as a foot orthosis has been modelled with CloudCad, you can have it milled directly into the desired insole pattern. By making smart use of our different types of milling blocks, you can also have any polsters milled along. Finishing the orthotics yourself is then a matter of minutes.

Of course you can also have your orthotics completely finished. As a customer of PLHW you determine the degree of finishing yourself. For more information about the various ways of finishing Insoles


"In 1999, the first sole was produced at PLHW. Since then we have come a long way, but never forget where we came from."

PLHW has developed a user-friendly software application for the production of orthotics. In this software, which is offered under a small subscription, the practitioner can follow the entire production process from beginning to end.

Depending on the chosen finish, the production of the orthotics takes 3 to 5 days on average.

For the options where PLHW also sand the soles all around, the practitioner can also opt for a full finish with external elements and, if desired, a covering layer. This is all done on the basis of subsequent calculation.

In addition to milling, PLHW is still able to accommodate manual production for lavish, proprioceptive and orthopaedic orthotics.

The practitioner models the orthotics himself in CloudCad and has them milled only by PLHW. After milling, the orthotics are received clean and cut from the milling block. The orthotics are finished by the orthotist.
Modelling and milling
Same as above, however, the practitioner now leaves the modelling of the orthotics to the specialists at PLHW.
Modelleren, Frezen en Schuren
Same as above, however, when modelling and milling, PLHW now neatly sands the orthotics into shape.
Modelling and milling
The practitioner models the orthotic himself in CloudCad. The orthotics are milled and sanded into shape by PLHW.


Sandalinos®, the custom-made sandal, has been a household name for over 10 years.

Sandalinos® is one of the largest suppliers of custom-made sandals in the Benelux. With the many models in countless combinations for men and women, Sandalinos® has something for everyone.

Increase your clients' therapy loyalty and prevent repeat visits after the summer. Sandalinos® is the ideal partner for you here.

As with all products from PLHW, as a customer you have complete freedom. You decide whether you want to place the entire production at PLHW or just part of it.

Sandalinos® complete
You leave the complete production to PLHW, if necessary you supply the cad model to PLHW yourself.
Sandalinos® prefab
you leave part of the production to PLHW, you receive the sandal in parts.
Sandalinos® parts
you only order the individual parts of Sandalinos® and you start the production yourself

Sandalinos® sandals are also available as a standard sandal or sandal with a loose insole. These sandals are supplied to subscribed dealers within our wide network.

As a subscribed dealer you get your own PLHW webshop. Determine your own collection and prices and let a customer place and pay for an order directly with you.